Pitta Dosha

Pitta can become more aggravated by exposure to hot conditions, sunlight, and hot meals. Foods that are salty, sour, or pungent make Pitta Dosha worse. This Dosha can be vitiated by spicy meals and potatoes.

The human body is delicate to the changing environment and heat inside the body. That's why inflammatory responses occur when the Pitta Dosha becomes vitiated. This results in skin discoloration, acne, excess sebum production, premature aging, eczema, and rosacea.

Vata Dosha

The body and skin may become metabolically or pathologically dry when the Vata Dosha is vitiated. One may experience weakness, speech-related issues may arise, and a condition of bewilderment may also be brought on if the vata levels are below the ideal level.

People with vata dosha can have various skin issues like psoriasis, rough and uneven texture, skin redness, premature aging and wrinkles due to dehydration.

The Doshas should be balanced out if they are vitiated or out of equilibrium. There are various approaches to doing this. Dosha vitiation can be treated with herbal Ayurvedic medication, lifestyle and nutritional adjustments, exercise, yoga and pranayama practice, and treatments.

Kapha Dosha

When one’s body has Kapha dosha, the body's tissues and organs get congested due to vitiation. Together with physical stagnation, it also results in mental stagnation and coldness. This results in white skin coloration, clogged pores, excess puffiness and skin dullness.

What are the must-have ayurvedic qualities your skin regime should have?

Both traditional and contemporary factors are taken into account when choosing a solution for good skin care. The following qualities should be present in any skin care products you choose:

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